Who We Serve

AisleAI is the only accessible and affordable premier data cloud platform that is squarely focused on established, emerging, and challenger CPG brands. Our goal is to deliver meaningfully differentiated and highly valuable data-driven decision-making capabilities for you to transform all facets of CPG operations, from product innovation and marketing strategies to optimizing sales, promotions, and distribution channels.

AisleAI engages with influential decision-makers across various domains within your CPG brand

Strategic Leaders

CEOs, CCOs, and VP-level executives overseeing sales, operations, and innovation, driving organizational success.

IT Visionaries

CIOs and VP Analytics, who champion cutting-edge technological solutions.

Marketing Mavericks

CMOs and VP Marketing, who shape brand strategies and pricing initiatives with market insights.

Financial Strategists

CIOs and VP Analytics, who champion cutting-edge technological solutions.

Brand Guardians

Brand Managers, Channel Managers, and Area Managers, tasked with maintaining brand integrity and market presence, and merchandising experts.

Field Sales and Distribution

Area Sales Managers, Operations Managers, and Distributors, pivotal in executing dynamic sales and distribution strategies on the ground.

We specialize in supporting brands who are producing and distributing products in independent convenience stores and liquor stores across the United States. 

Alcoholic beverages

Non-alcoholic beverages


Salty snacks

Candy & Gum

Health and Beauty


Tobacco cessation products

Automotive & Hard Goods

Cleaning Supplies

General merchandise 



Frozen Foods


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