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Aisle AI Data Intelligence Platform

Direct Access to Data Insights for CPG Brands

AisleAI provides direct access to a wide range of rich third-party data including syndicated, independent C-Store, Independent Grocery, Market Demographics, Weather, Foot Traffic and Automobile Traffic, Credit Card Transaction, and more.

AisleAI is paving the way for CPG brands and retailers to launch new products, enable in-depth analysis of brand performance, and unleash critical data for enhancing retail execution strategies and maximizing profitability.

Aisle AI Data Intelligence Platform


The AisleAI visualization dashboard unites siloed data providing an epicenter of blended first-party and third-party data sources and gives teams a simple way to ask questions via an intuitive natural language search (NLS) and share predefined questions through smart automation. The AisleAI dashboard updates in real-time, using AI to automatically detect anomalies and opportunities in your data, sends alerts, and allows business decision makers to interact and share insights while avoiding data or analytics specialist bottlenecks. This synergy reveals invaluable insights, preferences, and trends, empowering you to craft optimal product assortments and promotions.

Data Analytics

Leveraging generative AI and advanced predictive modeling capabilities, AisleAI synthesizes virtually all combinations of data points within your disparate data repositories to make the insights digestible for a wide variety of teams. This process uncovers the root causes behind key areas like retail execution outcomes and their implications, enabling proactive delivery of actionable strategies for resolution.

Data Management

Employing military-grade security, AisleAI seamlessly integrates, converts, and consolidates data from diverse sources such as cloud data warehouses, data lakes, databases, applications, and one off files. The AisleAI analytics gateway also allows for role-based data access and segregation so that all of your constituents can securely access and drill down on data appropriate for them.  This streamlined process expedites the journey from data acquisition to informed decision-making in CPG operations, sales, and distribution.

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