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Say goodbye to navigating blindly. AisleAI eliminates resource obstacles, freeing you from data dilemmas. We’ve done the heavy lifting, allowing you to concentrate on what truly counts:

Achieving peak brand performance at the shelf.

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Data at Your Fingertips

Many brand leaders invest heavily in panel sample data that merely highlights trends, failing to provide a comprehensive view of product performance in independent convenience stores across the United States.

AisleAI gives you the power of AI to gather near real-time data on your products and your competitors across 25,000 independent convenience stores (C-Store) across the United States. AisleAI equips your teams with powerful, dynamic data and insights to make informed decisions and drive your brand’s success in the independent C-Store channel.

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Accessible third party data that’s affordable for all CPG brands looking to move into this untapped channel, catapulting you to unparalleled success and dominance in this market. 

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Revolutionizing Your Operations, Sales, and Distribution

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  • Explore customer behavior patterns for deeper insights.
  • Create tailored marketing strategies for diverse audiences.
  • Optimize distribution networks for efficiency and cost savings.
  • Uncover subtle insights and trends from vast datasets to drive innovation.
  • Implement proactive strategies for meaningful retail performance results.

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The team at AisleAI are industry-leading CPG experts and trailblazers in data intelligence transformation, committed to harnessing the power of generative AI to create powerful and dynamic data analytics that are simple, accessible and affordable for the CPG industry.

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